Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Stand Before You Naked...

A wonderful friend reminded me that "everyone has their own issues". I know this is true. I believe that everyone has a story. I have had the opportunity/privilege/necessity to share parts of my story lately.

My relationships are evolving. Things are different. My "circle" has changed. I no longer talk to people that know my story.  And my "story" is resurfacing and unfolding.

It is a strange thing to open up and share.
To tell your own story... even small parts of it.
To admit your issues... even a few.
To be honest... completely honest (or as honest as I allow myself to be).

I feel naked.
Like I am standing before you totally naked.
Like I have exposed myself.
Like I can no longer hide.
Like I am taking an uncalculated risk.
Like I'm balancing shame and truth.

And, yet, so far my listeners have been amazing. understanding. kind. safe. compassionate. honest. loving.


  1. That's because we love you. :) Tell us everything, dear. We can handle it.

  2. amen, starnes family. i completely agree.