Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Lot of Tilting.

I have spent my morning in a place of randomness.
Reorganizing the liquor cabinet.
Reframing a family picture.
Five times.
Moving the clock to a different wall.
Four times.
Rearranging framed artwork.
Six times.

My friend told me to prioritize.
And none of this is a priority.

Just when I thought I was getting used to my current level of tilted-ness... 
The doctor delivers news that I didn't want. 
And now I am suffering from a lot of tilting... 

My body is weak. 
My mind is lost.
My heart hurts.
My spirit is confused.

And I am afraid. And this is what I do.
Random acts. Busy work. Mindless behaviors.
To try and get my footing on this tilting ground.

I need to take my friend's advice.
Pray. Cry. Exercise. Sleep. Read. Write. Ask for help. Pray more.
To try and get my footing on this tilting ground.

A Secret?

My husband calls this my "secret blog".
It isn't.
It is just a small part of my heart that I am choosing to share with a small part of my friends.
Sometimes I need to share.
Open up my heart just a little bit.
Show some of my hopes and dreams and fears and joys.