Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes There Just Aren't Enough Weeds...

Some people run.
Or eat.
Or don't eat.
Or smoke.
Or drink.
Or go to therapy.
I pull weeds.

It is weird.
I know it.
But I love it.
I can do it for hours.

It relaxes me.
Calms me.
Grounds me.

And I am sad when I finish.
When the weeds are gone.
And I'm still feeling lost.


  1. there is something magical about having your (our) hands in the dirt. maybe it's because from the beginning we have been in the garden? Maybe because we came from dust? maybe because what is in the soil give birth to the food which gives us strength? whatever it is, I love the imagery you shared and the little parts of you that I do not get to experience daily. you are quite special to me and for you today I am so very thankful.

  2. ps. i run. i swim. i bike. i tri. i yoga. i drink. i don't smoke anymore, but wish i did. i bake and i eat and bake and i don't eat, but give it away. i have seen many therapists. but i don't pull weeds. ;) come visit -- you will not feel lost. i promise. xo