Friday, September 9, 2011

The Bus Is Just The Beginning...

I watched my oldest walk down the driveway and get onto the school bus this afternoon.
I cry every day... every time she gets onto that bus.
I cry.

And today I gave it to God.
Handed it back.
Let it go.

I can not live in fear.
I can not obsess on what may happen to her.
On the bus.
Or at school.
Or at a friend's house.
Or in the backseat of a boy's car.
Or at a party.
Or on a trip.
Or in our own house.

I can pray.
And love.
And hope.
And give it to God.

1 comment:

  1. I've been crying with Jack at school this year. I went in early the other day to see his teacher and he was there before afternoon kindergarten started......on the playground....and morning kindergarten "froze like popsicles" when the whistle blew.....but Jack did not.....b/c he's not in their class.

    Some witch of a playground helper yelled at him.....he tried to explain.....and she wouldn't listen. He turned around to see if I was there so he could run and sensing that, I didn't let him see me. I wanted to run and get him and take him home. But, I couldn't. So, I cried myself home instead.