Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Every Anniversary...

I read a comment on a friend's Facebook page the other day that said "Every anniversary is a victory."
This year I am feeling that more than ever.

Today is our 9th anniversary.

9 years ago right now, I was at a bridal luncheon. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by amazing women and the air was filled with hope and joy. A young man showed up to deliver 2 dozen gorgeous red roses that my "almost husband" had sent. It was all so magical.

The ceremony was surreal. There were hundreds of guests. The church was perfect. I felt like a real princess.
My father walked me down the aisle. I stopped halfway and looked at my dad and said, "I am so happy!"

And today we are at our 9th victory...
but some days are difficult.
some days the air is not filled with hope.
or joy.
some days I feel like that poor goldfish on the asthma commercial.
flopping around trying to catch my breath.
trying to get back to where things are good.
and comfortable.
and normal.
some days I feel like the final stretch of a marathon.
gasping for air.
stretching for the finish line.
wishing I could rest.

but for today
I will celebrate the 9 victories.
I will embrace the years.
and the blessings.
and the trials.
and the hope of getting back in the fish bowl.
and the joy of knowing there is a finish line.

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  1. It's a roller coaster.......just like life. And, yes, each year is a victory.